DeLancy York

Half-elven Assistant Director of the Guild of the Ascended.


Male Half-Elf Sword-fighter
Weapon: DeLancy’s Shortsword, Chronicler
Faction: Guild of the Ascended

Significant in Quests:
- The Road to the Guild
- The Battle of Copenhägen
- Lake Fezsul’s Frost Relic
- Ghost Brimfell
- Vexen & Friends
- A Caravan Full of Weaponry
- The Festival of Saker Keep
- Guild Rings and the Granite Bridge
- “I thought you were ready. Now I think you must leave.”
- Aerith Moves On


DeLancy York, 20, is the middle of the three York brothers, younger than Vexen and older than Martin. The brothers were separated and sent to be trained in different fields at a young age, DeLancy finding himself at the Guild of the Ascended at age five. He remembers nothing of his life before. As a result, his work in the Guild has become his identity. For reasons unknown, he has a striking resistance to the cold.

His first years as a Guild member brought him to his two very best friends, Sarius Gilsbane and Aerith Renta. Their recent work has not permitted any of them to see eachother as frequently as they would like and DeLancy struggles with this most of all. His sword, Chronicler, is named after the first quest that the three went on together.


DeLancy York

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