Sarius Gilsbane

Talented fighter, DeLancy's other half.


Male Half-Elf Sword-fighter
Weapon: Sarius’ Shortsword, Dim
Faction: Guild of the Ascended

Significant in Quests:
- The Road to the Guild
- The Battle of Copenhägen
- Ghost Brimfell
- The Festival of Saker Keep
- Guild Rings and the Granite Bridge
- “I thought you were ready. Now I think you must leave.”
- Aerith Moves On


Sarius is the closest friend of DeLancy York and an important member of the Guild of the Ascended. Although he is merely a half-elf, his pointy ears are quite pronounced and were a source of much ridicule as a boy. Like DeLancy, he is 20 years old.

Sarius’ weapon, Dim, was named such due to its ability to produce soft light when tapped on a solid surface. It was given to him by Aerith when he was 18.

Sarius Gilsbane

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