Tannyll Fros

The Director of the Guild of the Ascended


Male Elven Wizard
Weapon: Unknown
Faction: Guild of the Ascended

Significant in Quests:
- The Road to the Guild
- The Battle of Copenhägen
- Lake Fezsul’s Frost Relic
- Guild Rings and the Granite Bridge
- “I thought you were ready. Now I think you must leave.”
- Mount Garian


Tannyll Fros is the head of the Guild of the Ascended. Regardless of his many years spent effectively training young warriors to do what is right, there is much uncertainty as to what Tannyll’s supreme motivation might be. He was the trainer of DeLancy, Sarius, and Aerith, as well as countless others.

Tannyll’s weapon, when it is rarely seen, appears to be some sort of blade, but few have ever had a good look at it.

Tannyll Fros

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