Vexen York

The Supreme Overlord of Saker Keep.


Male Half-Elf Swordfighter (Assassin)
Weapon: Garouken (Dagger)/Shortswords
Faction: The World-Savers

Significant in Quests:
- Ghost Brimfell
- Vexen & Friends
- A Caravan Full of Weaponry
- The Festival of Saker Keep


Vexen, 23, is the self-proclaimed Supreme Overlord of Saker Keep and the leader of a trio of outlaws known as the World-Savers. He is also the older brother of both DeLancy and Martin. Having been eight years old when he was sent away, he is the only one of the York brothers to have any recollection of their collective childhood. He is an alcoholic and enjoys watching people experience pain.

Little is known of his adolescence. His four confirmed years of training took place at the Academy in Dowerstone, where he contacted his brothers very little until dropping off the map entirely at the age of 12, not to reappear until he was 20 and in the company of two new undesirable friends, Yisetheus and Siax. Vexen is a very versatile fighter, being trained in brutish shortsword combat as well as in stealthy execution and a nearly lost form of fencing.

His gold-plated dagger, Garouken, is considered by many to be unnecessarily flashy.

Vexen York

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